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Service agreements


  • 1 - What is service agreements? service agreements is a tool that allows members to:

    • Create and store standard service agreements that you can use in any working relationship.
    • Send service agreements to other parties, discuss with them terms and agree on conditions before any projects are assigned.
    • Keep an online track of agreements you entered into to prevent potential disputes --or solve them quickly-- or simply use them as reference.

    Click here to start using the service agreement tool or use the "Service agreement" link located under the Tools menu tab.

  • 2 - Who can use the service agreement tool?

    Any member can create service agreements. Site users can only be invited to review and accept them.

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  • 3 - How do I create a new service agreement?

    To create a new standard service agreement, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Service agreements page and click on "Create a service agreement".
    2. Choose the sections you want to include in the service agreement from the "Section" list.
    3. For each section, either choose a predefined term, or input your own customized text.
    4. Click on "Save service agreement" to save a draft. Your agreement draft will be saved until you decide to send it to another user for review and acceptance (click here to see how to send an agreement for review and acceptance).

  • 4 - How do I send a service agreement to an outsourcer / service provider?

    To send a standard service agreement that you created to another party, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Service agreements page and click on "My service agreements".
    2. Search for the user's name on under the "Recipient" column and click the "Propose agreement" button. An email invitation to review and accept your proposed agreement will be sent to the user you specified.
    3. You will be notified via email when the other party accepts the service agreement you proposed.

  • 5 - Where can I see past service agreements I sent / received?

    To see a list of service agreements that you have created, and those which others have proposed to you, visit the "My service agreements" section.

  • 6 - Can service agreements be edited?

    Yes. Service agreements can be edited as long as no one has been already invited to review and accept them.

    To edit an agreement you have drafted, visit the "My service agreements" section and click on "Edit" next to the agreement draft you would like to edit (the "Edit" option won't be available if you have already sent the agreement to another party). To add or remove sections, first de/select the section and then click on "Save service agreement" at the bottom of the agreement page. The page will reload allowing to to complete the new section with required information (or choose a preset option for the section).

  • 7 - Can service agreements be customized?

    Yes. Service agreements can be created from suggested terms, but you can also add your own conditions. However, once a service agreement has been sent to another party for review and acceptance, it cannot be edited anymore.

  • 8 - Can service agreements be localized into different languages?

    For the time being, service agreement can only be drafted in English. Eventually, members may be allowed to localize service agreement content into different languages.

  • 9 - Can service agreements be downloaded?

    No. For the time being, the service agreement tool does not contain an option to download service agreements. This option may be added to the tool in the future though. Stay tuned!

  • 10 - Can service agreements be deleted?

    No. By the nature of these documents, service agreements cannot be removed. However, if you created an agreement and you haven't sent it for review and acceptance yet, you can edit the terms and conditions in it to suit your needs.

  • 11 - Are service agreements created with the service agreement tool legally recognized?

    The validity of service agreements will mostly depend on the governing laws of the country taken as reference by both parties. It is recommended that both parties discuss and decide which country laws will be taken for the interpretation of their rights and duties (section 15, "Choice of Law"). Parties may also consult a lawyer or corresponding authority for more information.

  • 12 - What happens if the client / the translator does not accept the service agreement I send them?

    When you send a service agreement to another user for review, they have the option of accepting the agreement as it is or they can contact you directly via profile mail to suggest or request edits. You are welcome to negotiate terms and conditions with the other party to get to an agreement together.

  • 13 - I don't agree with the terms and conditions of a service agreement I was invited to. What should I do?

    If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions included in a service agreement you were invite to review, contact the agreement sender directly to discuss possible edits and adjustments.

  • 14 - What is the role of in service agreements between site members? is not legally or professionally involved with service agreements between site members. The site is only a venue and Service agreements is a tool provided to site members so that they can agree to the terms that will govern future transactions or future agreements between them.

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